Strelok. Ballistic calculator for MacOS X


Ballistic calculator for Mac OS X (free)

Supports metric and imperial units! (yards, feet, inches, etc)

Field-proven accuracy since 2001

Download Strelok 1.06 for Mac OS X (316 Kb)



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Explanation of terms:

1. Zeroing weather:
Weather at which you zero the rifle (scope) in

2. Zeroing weather: match current weather:
Weather at which you zero the rifle in match the weather you shoot the range
Another words, you zero in the rifle and shoot the range at the same place and time

3. Zeroing weather: enabled (disabled):
If zeroing weather enabled, the program will consider a difference between zeroing weather and present weather.
If zeroing weather disabled, the program will consider that zeroing weather and the present weather are identical.

4. On how many percent bullet speed will change at change temperature on 15 degrees:

Suppose, you have 2 bullet velocity mesurement. 1 and 2 (for different temperatures):
TempDiference = temp_2 - temp_1;
SpeedDiference = speed_2 - speed_1;

TempModifyer = SpeedDiference/TempDiference*15/speed_1*100;

TempModifyer - this is parameter we need for input to my ballistic calculator.

Here is simple calculator for this purpose: metric units, imperial units


MOA - minute of angle

MIL - miliradian. The miliradian is a measure of angle and there are 6400 of them in a circle.


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