Typical errors

Typical error 1

Please, make backup copy of your data!

Create free Dropbox account: https://www.dropbox.com/basic

Link Strelok Pro to Dropbox and make "Export rifles to Dropbox"

You will be able to restore your data even you sink your phone!

Make backup immediately!

Typical error 2

Please do not enter your 'near zero’ value as rifle zero distance.
All ballistics calculators in the world consider ‘far zero’ as ‘ rifle zero distance’.

Typical error 3

Please do not use close distances for trajectory validation!

Trajectory validation at close distance does not make sense, because elevation has almost the same value as the rifle group size, so Strelok Pro cannot calculate muzzle speed or BC with good accuracy

Recomended distances for trajectory validation:

1. Center fire rifles: 500+

2. 22 LR - 100+

3. Air rifles - 50+

Typical error 4

Please do not enter identical values for temperature!

Please read this explanation

Typical error 5

There are many combination of temperature, pressure and humidity that will give you the same Density Altitude - but muzzle velocity is also a function of temperature. So, please, don’t use density altitude, but temperature, pressure and humidity

In Strelok Pro if you measure and enter pressure, humidity and temperature this is enough for trajectory calculation. Altitude changing is accounted in pressure changing
Good reading:

To account your altitude change, you need:
1. Measure muzzle speed at different temperatures and enter these values to the program as described here
2. Zero your rifle and save zeroing weather conditions
3. Measure weather conditions at place of shooting and enter these values as current weather. Altitude changing is accounted in pressure changing

Density altitude and altitude is not the same! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Density_altitude

Typical error 6

If your rifle twist rate is equal to 12 inches per turn do not enter "1:12" or "1/12" or "1,12". Just enter "12"!

Typical error 7

Do not change these values unless you know what they are for!

Here is explanation how zero offset works: link