Android phone with Google Wear OS integration


You need Google Wear OS 2.2 and higher (not Android Wear OS, it's different and not supported). And your phone must have Google services installed!


If you bought Strelok Pro not in the Google store, then the watch module is not included to the installation package. Here is workaround:

Download apk file for the watch here

Use this app to install apk to the watch :

Use this video to install apk to HUAWEI WATCH 4 PRO:

Useful videos:


Note: the watch app must be open and screen on to communicate. When successful the watch will chime

On the watch you will see reticle image in 1.0 scale. Make double tap on it. Reticle image will be enlarged twice and zoom mode will be turned on. You can zoom in and out in this mode and move reticle as you want. Double tap again to return to 1.0 scale. You can make long tap on reticle image to clear it. Also can make long tap on the table to clear it.

Video: Strelok Pro to Android Wear OS watch setup