Ballistic calculator Strelok Pro

Strelok Pro and privacy

I respect your privacy. To ensure efficiency of the program Strelok Pro needs

1. Access to GPS - for Coriolis effect calculation and internet weather. To download internet weather your approximate location will be shared (User or device physical location to an area greater than or equal to 3 square kilometers, such as the city a user is in)
2. Access to Bluetooth - to communicate with Kestrel weather station
3. Access to Camera - for measuring slope angle with camera
4. Access to internet - for Lapua drag-functions download and internet weather
5 Access to storage - for write app settings and rifles, cartridges data.

6. Google Drive. My app will use scope to help user to make data backup and read this data from another devices.

- Data access. Access to file is established while exporting user data and importing by Google Drive account owner only.

- Data using. Created file can be used from Android and iOS version of Strelok Pro for user data replicating to the different devices belongs Google Drive account owner

- Data storing. After export the file with user data created in root folder.

- Data sharing. No user data is shared.



Strelok Pro does not collect any private or personal information from our users.


I hope that this clarifies the used permissions and the functionality that these allow. Please feel free to contact me.