Using Kestrel anemometers

Using Kestrel anemometers

Supported devices: Kestrel 5500 and 5700. Kestrel 2700 cannot be connected to Strelok Pro due to Kestrel restrictions 


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Solving issues with Kestrel connection

1. You don’t need to create a Bluetooth pair with Kestrel device. If you created, delete it.

2. Some devices on Android needs location service to be turned on to use Bluetooth (I don't know why). Turn GPS on.

3. Kestrel app can stay in background and keep Bluetooth port. Check settings of Kestrel app (if installed) and turn autoconnect mode off

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4. Delete Kestrel app if it not used

5. Turn Bluetooth on and off

6. Clear Bluetooth cache (Android)

7. Restart the phone

8. Unistall and install again Strelok Pro if all items above does not help

Note for Android 12 phone owners. Make sure what Strelok Pro has granted permission to access nearby devices via Bluetooth.

For Kestrel 5700 devices

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